ANNOUNCEMENT - Anti Nuclear European Forum (ANEF) on 17th of June in Linz, Austria

Ladies and gentlemen,
dear friends,

will take place
in Linz, Upper Austria 
on 17th of June 2009

In the autumn of 2007 the European Nuclear Energy Forum (ENEF) was established. Within ENEF it was aimed that all aspects of this controversial form of energy should be discussed. Both, Czech Republic and Slovakia showed intensive efforts for the organization of ENEF. Semi-annual meetings take place in Prague and Bratislava alternately. The next ENEF meeting will be held in Prague on 28th - 29th of May 2009. This is already going to be the fourth meeting.

Unfortunately, ENEF failed to fulfill ENEF´s official objectives and is used one-sided as a propaganda instrument for the promotion of nuclear power instead. The Prime Ministers Topolanek and Robert Fico used the opening of the forum several times for unqualified unilateral cheering speeches on nuclear energy, while the discussion of the negative aspects of nuclear energy use has been largely ignored, which resulted in increasing dissatisfaction of the critical participants.

A balanced discussion within the next ENEF meeting on 28th- 29th of May seems impossible and therefore we decided - after  intensive discussions with Austrian and international NGOs –to organize a counter event - the European Anti-Nuclear Forum (ANEF) -, under which at least some of the negative aspects of nuclear energy will be discussed on an international level. At the same time ANEF aims to send a strong signal across Europe that the EU-funded renaissance of nuclear energy is not an appropriate instrument to fight climate change. The event is organized by the office of the Anti-nuclear Representative of Upper Austria - Radko Pavlovec-in cooperation with the NGO's Antiatom Szene  and Antiatom-Komitee.

Your participation is very important because it needs a strong signal against the nuclear renaissance.

The organizers would like to warmly invite you to participate in ANEF.

Your participation is important!

Please register by sending an email to the office of the Antinuclear Representative of Upper Austria and/or .


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